Thai Tea Ice pops (Popsicles)

From time to time, I adventure out into new things. Although the Popsicle is not an innovative concept, making them at home is new-ish to me. I’ve made orange juice ice cubes, and I’ve absolutely made my fair share of ice creams and frozen yogurts. From traditional creamy, fresh strawberry ice cream or fat-free blackberry frozen yogurt, to more unique creations like sugar-free cantaloupe sorbet, Irish strawberry frozen yogurt or my sons favorite, Green (lime-sicle ice cream). Frozen treats this time of year are about the greatest thing anyone can ask for. They don’t take up precious fridge space, they don’t spoil in an instant, they are already to go and on hand, and best yet they are a homemade variation of every kids favorite treat. Enter the task at hand, homemade pops. Funny thing is I’ve made plenty of homemade treats, I mean PLENTY and my kids just don’t go for it. (unless ice cream cookie sandwiches, or sundaes count)  They look at me like I’m some deranged idiot, so I buy them natural fruit pops because I don’t want them having the chemicals, colorings and …whatever those sugary monstrosities are and wouldn’t you know I still have a box of some “natural Popsicles” in my freezer from LAST SUMMER. So this time around I said screw you little punks, I’m making something for me. (yeah, I said it)

Over the years I’ve developed a love affair with Thai iced tea. Its one of my favorite things in the universe! Sadly I’ve made it four hundred and ninety ways and its just never the same as what you get in Thai restaurants. The reason being, the “Thai” tea mix is a special concoction of bulk, low quality tea mixed with flavorings and food coloring. Now if you follow me here you know right off where I’m going with this… Mmm chemicals and artificial coloring? No thanks, I’ll save my risk factors for something a bit more delicious like…all natural bacon? Yeah, dude that’s absolutely worth the calories. So I’ve made it time and time again with plain black tea, sweetened condensed milk, sometimes a simple syrup, and a necessity, a pinch of cardamom. Not quite the same but delish no-less. With Popsicles being so en-vogue and high foodie fashion lately I’d figured I’d take a stab at it. I found these cute little torpedo (dare I say phallic) shaped pop molds at the store and I figured eh? Why Not? This is little ice pop, is a beauty, because its very easy, basic and delicious. Delicious as a nummy little treat, and pretty great melted in coffee or milk. 
Thai Tea Ice Pops
The recipe that really made me think of this idea was a recipe for creamy pistachio pops from Aarti Party,  my kids have nut allergies and I was looking for something basic. So I found David Lebovitz’s recipe for vietnamese coffee Popsicles and viola! Its settled, that’s what I went with. The easier the better. The key to making these (as well as Thai tea) perfectly flavorful is using the absolute strongest tea (or even coffee) you can brew. Double or triple the average recommended recipe for brewed tea. 
Adapted From –
David Lebovitz’s : Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles
2 cups water (boiling)
8 black tea bags, (regular size)
2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom (optional but super)
Add tea bags to a sauce pan with the water, bring water to a boil. If you have microwave safe tea bags you can do this in the microwave. Once water boils for a minute or so remove from heat and allow the tea to steep 5-10 minutes. (or if your like me… until you remember that you made it) Remove tea bags and ring the liquid of them into the pan. (There is a lot of flavor hiding in those little darlings, don’t dare waste it!) Stir in sweetened condensed milk and cardamom, pour into ice pop molds and freeze until firm. (4-24 hours depending on size)
*Note you can also use mini paper cups, I tried paper cups with bamboo skewers and it was not so great, if you have Popsicle sticks, great! If not, it makes cute little push-up cups. I’m not one to be picky, its tasty either way.