Thai Basil Chicken

Basil isn’t something I typically have on hand. IN FACT, I avoid it. I love the stuff but the second it hits my fridge it wilts. The farm is offering up a variety of fresh, organic herbs and on the food list is a few new-to-me varieties of basil. Months back I opened a jar of green curry paste, and I just happened to have a pound or so of CSA green beans. That’s all she wrote, supper was born. Salty, sweet and perfectly spicy this dish is really fast to throw together, and great for stretching a buck. For me, the hearty stew was satisfying as-is, for the man folk I served this up with some aromatic basmati. Simple and fresh, … and fast. I have to say although the licorice like aroma of the basil scared me, it played out well.

In a skillet saute’ chicken breast until mostly cooked. You can use oil or butter but I kind of dig the brownness of stuck chicken. (Cook about 20 minutes for bone-in split breasts, 10 minutes for boneless-skinless) Remove chicken from the pan and add into it all of the remaining ingredients. (except the garnish- basil & green onions) If using green beans, blanch these separately for 3-5 minutes or until tender. Simmer coconut-curry sauce until the potatoes have cooked fully. Add chicken back to the pot and simmer until the chicken is cooked through. Stir in a hand full of green onions and Thai basil. Cook just until the greens are wilted. Serve with vegetables and/or rice as desired.
A Note on Ingredients-
Fish Sauce- Look for a good quality naturally fermented fish sauce. The best I can find is this one
Curry Paste- Surprisingly natural ingredients, great for fast suppers. A tablespoon of curry paste and can of coconut milk and you have supper-in-a-second. I love green and red curry pastes both from Thai kitchen. I can’t find lemon grass or many of the other flavors in these pastes so having this pantry staple is a taste of Asia for a few bucks. 
Coconut Sugar- I just happen to have a variety of sweeteners from date sugar to this coconut sugar. Regular raw, unrefined sugar or honey will work just fine. I wouldn’t suggest omitting it entirely. Thai food has a typical salty-sweet element. The sweetener helps to balance the flavors. 
Soy Sauce- Gluten Free soy sauce, coconut aminos, braggs aminos will all work. I typically use tamari or gluten free soy sauce. I find aminos to be kind of weird. 

Vegetables- I used green beans. I had them on hand. If you don’t do green beans use carrots, okra, peppers, or … anything you want.