Strawberry Picking

Being June there is no way I could go without featuring strawberries and strawberry picking. Its something I’ve done as long as I can remember even with my father when we lived in Maine. Picking your own produce is a wonderful way for children to see where food comes from, and by that I mean where it truly comes from. It gives them an understanding that food does not miraculously show up on shelves, and that the best foods in the world came from the ground that someone worked hard to plant and maintain.

Summertime pick your owns really offer multiple grand opportunities to really support local agriculture in a hands on way. To me every time we go strawberry picking its the official opening picking season. The earth (and farmers) truly bless us with these sweet and wondrous little presents as an ode to summer. Its a summertime festivity through and through, the official kick off to barbecues, swimming, fishing, and of course for me its canning season! This year we were able to pick plenty of juicy sweet berries. For the second time our family joined the friendly Gould family on their farm in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania. We showed up with our picking buckets, and enjoyed the tractor ride to the fields. We picked and picked until frankly I was too hot and cranky to stand the sun any longer! Hopped back onto the tractor to the produce stand and I bought lots of wonderful things for the freshest Sunday Supper.

As soon as we got home we started processing the beautiful little berries into ice cream, jams and freezer packs, so that they are ready for cakes, waffles, pies or even more ice cream later on in the year. As always it was tiring yet incredibly rewarding. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of going to a pick your own farm. Its a treat to be able to share this with my children, I sincerely appreciate passing this ritual onto the next generation.

Look for following updates with recipes and more! Most of all I hope this welcomes everyone into a safe and happy summer! Most of all I urge you to seek out pick your owns in your own neighborhood! Check out for listings of farms and produce stands near you!