Spicy Baked Scotch Eggs with Homemade Sausage

Scotch egg recipes have been traced back as far as the early 1800’s. Recently they’ve made a splash on food shows and grub trucks. I can only believe they are newly popular again due to their seemingly gluttonous nature. Quite often dipped in an egg wash and crumb mixture, scotch eggs are hard cooked eggs wrapped in sausage. Yes, very often they are also deep fat fried. A meat wrapped egg? Oh yeah! Deep fried? Meh. I honestly don’t dig fried foods very often. I’ll eat myself a  beer battered fried pickle without hesitation, Korean Fried Chicken or fried chicken livers and cottage fries? Oh man! All things with moderation and balance though of course. If I were to eat like my husband I would surely be dead. Balance is a key word in my home, I strive to strike a key that resonates. Weekday food for me lately consists mostly of lots of protein and vegetables. With this recent refinement I have cut out sugar, starches, beans, legumes and grains.

After two children I grasp at anything that may help me live a semi-sane, happier life shy of obesity and fatigue. Whole living and clean, unprocessed eating is a concept I have truly embraced for quite some time. Cutting out dairy, grains, beans, and sugar is a steep hill, even for me. It’s a personal challenge I have taken on. I LOVE homemade yogurt and I’m absolutely a raw milk enthusiast. I dearly miss rice, (What I really mean is sushi, yeah man, the good stuff.) and homemade sourdough bread. I’m sticking with whole30- grain free -paleo-ish eating for an extended period of time because it is making my mind a better place to be. It’s a clean cut “diet” that enlists whole food first. No gimmicks, no chemicals, no counting.

I still aim to Eat real Food. Protein, vegetables and limited fruits and nuts. All of these things are wholesome and real unprocessed foods. If it grows or walks – Eat it. If it came from a box – Leave it.  Same story, just a little shorter. My biggest change so far has been bringing protein to focus and setting aside sugar. I never really realized how much sugar, corn syrup and processed wheat we were eating until I seriously started avoiding it 100%. Fine tuning what we eat is an eye opener that helps me to clear the pantry of what we don’t need. Instead of rice and beans, or oatmeal I snack on jerky or cold meats. I’m eating a lot of chili, and I’m never hungry because I eat my proteins first. (and I started a vitamin ritual.) These scotch eggs are a SUPER food, dense with protein and good fats. Using homemade sausage and sexy Ras el Hanout spice makes these beauties wonderful, satisfying and perfectly rich and filling. Serve with salad or as a snack with homemade mayo, spicy mustard or even homemade Currywurst sauce. (I love Currywurst sauce)

Spicy Baked Scotch Eggs with  Homemade Sausage

I’ve seen these made on various shows. I always hesitated from making them because it looked really complicated. It really isn’t. Its just a matter of tucking an egg into a meat blanket. If you want to make these crispier and crunchier go ahead and do an egg wash and crumb dunk. Use pork rinds, almond meal or panko. Dip the assembled scotch eggs into the egg wash, then the dry crumb mixture of choice, then bake as directed. Substitute beef, lamb or plain ground pork as desired. My  homemade sausage is not quite as fatty as store bought sausage. If using a less fatty meat bake for a shorter period. (Lean meat will dry out much faster.)

Preheat Oven to 400 Degrees.

Divide meat into 4 pieces. Using water to wet your hands flatten 1/4 of the meat into a flat disc or meat blanket. Gently mold the meat around the egg. Use water or fat to prevent sticking. Tuck the meat around so that it is in an even layer. (You don’t want a big hunk on one end of the egg.) Repeat this process with the other eggs. Place into a baking dish and sprinkle all sides with seasoning. For more spice increase the amount. Also you can combine the sausage or meat with seasoning if you’d like. Spice-crusted makes it pretty and adds a smidge of dryness to help browning.

Bake for 20 minutes, turning them half way. After they have baked for 20 minutes saute’ in a skillet with fat of choice to brown and crisp the exterior.

– This is how you snuggle your egg in a Meat Blankie-