Rodale Institute’s Organic Apple Festival (2012)

I’ve pondered greatly as to how to go about this post. Do I post a silent picture diary post? Do I dot every photo with a long elaborate description? Do I? Can I? Should I? I can go on and on about Rodale Institute, and what it means to the American organic, sustainable  movement and community but I assure you that my words however kind can not express the true intricacies of this complex, living, learning farm. 

This years Apple Festival marks their fourth year running, and here is my view of our first visit to the infamous farm. Although I’m sure we missed things here and there, the event was a lively, family friendly day packed with great, natural fun! (Hot dogs and pizza were an added bonus.) I really truly did feel welcomed, everyone I spoke with was extremely friendly and kind. With my social anxiety, that is a wicked big statement and then some. The vibes were great and although my kids were annoyed by the long drive, they really had a blast and are asking if we can go again next year!

The Music Tent with “Miss Maggy Sings.”

Apple Picking: The apples really weren’t great, it took a lot to try and fill our bucket. I knew that I was making applesauce so I didn’t mind the ugly ducklings. We over paid so that we could have local and organic apples. ($40 a bushel) I’ve heard that the apple season has been bad all over, from what I can tell apples everywhere are more expensive and less sweet this year. 
Lunch: We had Applegate Hot dogs (Ironic considering that’s what we had for supper the night before.) and Switchback Pizza Company Pizza’s. The pizza line was LONG, like whoa. I mean a long wait and a half… plus some. The young woman who was serving was sweet, like a mooch I bummed a burnt pizza that no one seemed to want. (My kids are used to burnt pizza, “sincerity is letting your imperfections show.” Let’s just say that burnt pizza is my life lesson to them.)
Riley Launching Rotten Apples… To space.
Connor, with half his lunch on his clothes.
Chickens, beyond the chickens is a seriously stunning pond.
Geodesic Greenhouse, I could not get enough of looking at this. 
One of my favorite parts of the grounds was this geodesic greenhouse, and the root cellar. I’ve oogled plans in Mother Earth News, but I’ve never actually seen anything quite so awesome in person. Both just pieces of the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden. This garden is a one acre piece of land that was laid out as an organic garden designed to feed a family of four for one year. Very inspiring!