Raw Chocolate, Banana & Avocado Pudding

Quite often when I think of “healthy,” or nourishing food I rarely think of dessert. For as long as …ever dessert has been flour, sugar, butter more flour or sugar, oh and maybe some fruit in there somewhere. (Fruit is healthy right?) In my house this is is especially true when my husband is involved. He is an absolute chocoholic and he can not live without desserts. Although I generally don’t have an itching for sweets or chocolate, now and then I do like something semi-sweet and luxurious. 

My goal for the year is to basically set some higher standards. I am raising the bar. I hope by the end of this new year that I can look back and say “More often than not my boys were with me.” Un-processing my home undoubtedly has its challenges, and I’m always working to find a balance. Instead of setting some vanity driven goal for the year, I decided for myself that I simply wanted to feel better. I want to feel better over all. I want to be healthier and much less tired, cranky, depressed, or lets just say it… homicidal. This year I will not blame others for my dull and mediocre existence, this year I will do more to feel in control of my our health and well being. 
So although the boys still need their chip and sugar fixes, we’ve already made great progress. Chunk now reads ingredients on labels, and I even find myself explaining much less often why we don’t want 40g of sugar in one snack. Although I do still get the “blah, blah, blah yeah, cancer whatever.” I will take that as a success, because I get to save my lecture for something more useful. Like: “Why punching your brother is not funny.” or- “why a flame thrower could not have saved the dinosaurs.” or- “Why your brother does not really, actually, seriously, think getting punched is funny.”
Well anyway, you get the point. Real food for real people means you make dessert. This is one snack that is delicious, nutrient dense and absolutely luxurious. Smooth and silky, chocolaty and rich. Avocado’s are rich in healthy fats. They promote heart health, blood sugar regulation and they are tasty. Banana’s have potassium, and fiber but are also said to be mood enhancers. Which leaves us with chocolate. It’s rich with antioxidants and duh, its chocolate. The darker the better for you. For this recipe I used regular, every day cocoa powder. If I had dark chocolate powder on hand I would have used it for sure. I have made this dessert multiple ways. It can be served as a pudding, or even as a milkshake! I used frozen bananas for sweetness, coldness and texture. If you have an aversion to avocado I bet you could omit them or reduce the quantity. Serve with fresh or frozen berries for a burst of tart sweetness, add a dab of nut butter for a pop of protein and flavor. 

Raw Chocolate, Banana & Avocado Pudding
I came across recipes similar to this, many times but I have to assume I saw it originally from Jenn, the lovely Leftover Queen. Her Raw Avocado Chocolate Pudding recipe just danced through my busy mind for forever. Without the banana’s I found it to be a little too avocado-y, so the banana’s masked that slightly. (sweetened it and chilled it as well) This recipe was not kid approved, but Stephen ate it and even liked it! (After he added sugar of course.) This can be made in a big batch and frozen. Thaw for 30-40 minutes, eat it semi frozen or even freeze it into cubes or ramekins for a frozen dessert. Blend up for ice cream or smoothies. Just blend frozen with milk or cream and you have yourself a milkshake. (I drank A LOT of milkshakes when I was pregnant. I really wish I had this recipe!) 
3 avocados, really ripe
3 bananas, frozen
1/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/2 to 1 cup coconut milk, raw milk or cream
1-2 tablespoons raw honey
vanilla,  and/or ground cinnamon to taste
Place all items in a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth. Serve cold. 
Super Smoothie- Although I’m not a sweet’s person I do really love this as a snack. I make this as a “milkshake.” Just toss everything into a blender, add more or less ice or liquid to smooth it out. (1 avocado, 2 bananas, a few tablespoons of cocoa powder, crushed ice and some coconut milk, yogurt or raw milk to thin it out.) Works great without the avocado as well. 
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