Mason Jar Mayo: Easy 2 Minute Mayonnaise

MASONJARMAYO2Mayonnaise hasn’t always been my favorite but that has recently changed, especially since I have found this recipe. For the past few years I have foolishly been purchasing tiny jars of “not so terrible” natural mayo that costs about $5 a jar. Conventional mayonnaise not only has toxic GMO oils such as soy and canola, but it also contains chemicals and preservatives that are really bad for you. I inconsistently have made my own for years now but I have had several batches that broke or simply never emulsified properly. (FYI- these oops mayo’s make for great dressings. Ranch & cole slaw dressing to be precise.) So mostly I just avoided using mayo unless the guys really, really wanted it. HOMEMADEeasymAYONNAISEI started using my stick blender and began having better but still somewhat dodgy results until someone on Instagram recommended the mason jar method. Even using a steel tumbler over the straight edged mason jar seems to make all the difference in the world when it comes to absolutely consistent results. I truly never need to buy crappy expensive mayo again and I honestly have not since I learned how to make this life changing mayonnaise. I see a lot of people complain that they would rather buy a “good mayo” but there really is no need to. Now those are big words sure, but not only have I found the holy grail-method, but the flavor is SPOT ON every time. Identical to that divine original we all grew up adoring. But better . . . And it literally only takes a minute to make. It is stupid fast and easy and this fool proof method works every time. The only time I have had mixed results is when I tried doubling or tripling the recipe, because yes it is THAT GOOD. FOOLPROOFMAYONNAISE
Some might call this an aoili since we are adding some garlic but I assure you that one clove, an aoili this does not make. Now if you are like me and you like the garlic to punch you in the face, add 2 to 3 cloves. Then I suppose you can call it aoili? Use this for sandwiches, salads, or fries. This time of year I am using it on Macaroni Salad and Potato Salad, burgers and even hot dogs. Really this recipe can be trouble, so prepare it at your own risk.

Easy Homemade Mayonnaise

  1. Place the egg into a wide mouth majon jar.
  2. Add oil to make about 1 cup. (Or add 3/4 cup of oil and add the egg, if you use more oil the mayo will be looser, less oil will result in a slightly tighter mayo)
  3. Toss in the salt and garlic clove.
  4. Place the immersion blender blade over top of the yolk and garlic.
  5. Blend the mixture while lifting the stick up and down until the mayonnaise is smooth and the oil has combined.
  6. Stir in vinegar, season further to taste.
  7. Refrigerate until needed.