Magic Fruit – Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream

Finding a balanced diet is tricky when I’m trying to please so many pissy palates. (My husband is almost as bad as the kids, – Ok I lie… he is way worse.) So what I’m talking about now days is what foods we are actually eating right now. The MVP’s of a family friendly whole foods diet, the regular stuff we eat. I’m starting with pure, simple, whole foods and working from there. We can add to the roster later on. Although I still regularly (try my best to) avoid most “indulgences” lets be honest, a girl has gotta have some wiggle room from time to time. I’ve made this so many times, I’ve used this trick over and over. Freezing fruit or fruit blends then pureeing in a food processor gives you a creamy, smooth dessert without an ice cream maker, without sugar if you’d like. (Also Perfect for stress free smoothies) You can make these desserts from any fresh or even previously frozen fruit. For a slightly sweeter dessert: Add simple syrup, honey or any sweetener of choice to blend with your fruit as you wish. Use coconut milk, yogurt or nut butter for mix-ins and you have a familiar treat. Ideal for push ups without corn syrup or chemicals!

Magic Fruit – Frozen Desserts
Sorbet, Push-Pops & Soft-Serve Sorbet (Faux Ice Cream)

For any of these treats you will need to have frozen fruit and a food processor. A blender may work, but I can tell you that my regular old blender can’t do the job. If you have a turbo charged blender, I’m sure it will be a snap. The easiest example is bananas. Peel, slice and freeze super ripe bananas for wicked creamy soft serve “faux ice cream,” or smooth and icy sorbet. Add frozen fruit to the bowl of your processor. Pulse and add water, coconut milk or even juice as you would like. Only add as much liquid as you need to form a smooth mixture. For 4-5 bananas it might be around 1/4 cup of water.

– Using Coconut milk or heavy cream will give you a creamier final result, adding nut butter makes it even more fabulous. This works pretty good with plain ol’ frozen strawberries as well. I typically avoid buying strawberries out of season, but I have learned to deal. The kids are eating fruit instead of junk. Win! Banana, coconut milk (or raw cream) and nut butter work the best for a creamy texture. Strawberries with yogurt or coconut milk will be more dense especially once frozen.

-Serve immediately for “soft serve.” Once frozen this becomes icy sorbet. –

-To revive the creaminess: Allow to thaw at room temperature for 15-25 minutes and stir until creamy again. The soft frozen mixture can be poured into ice cream popsicle molds