Instant Pot: Hard Boiled Eggs


Like most people, I get very busy. I rarely make anything in a small batch and I almost never do one thing at a time. I always say, work smart, not hard. Electric pressure cookers are a great example of smart kitchen work. When you eat real foods, it can be overwhelming at times to keep up with what needs done. Multitasking has become my way of life. Over the years I have tried many, many, many hard boiled egg recipes and I’ve found some that I love. Some I love less. This one however, I LOVE A LOT. It’s very forgiving and even when I forget about them, I come back to fairly decent eggs every time. You can tweak the times to suit your own needs. For me I have found that 4-5 minutes cook time allows me to literally set and forget the eggs. I come back later and have easy to peel, hard boiled eggs.


Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs 

I set my eggs for four or five minutes because I almost never am attentive to them. I forget them and come back later and the lower time setting accounts for the neglect. If you are less frantic and insane, about seven minutes prepares the perfect hard boiled egg. (NO GRAY! Ew. Gray eggs are gross.) Six minutes will score you a softer cooked egg, and five minutes for a somewhat gelatinous and moist egg yolk.

  • Eggs
  • 1 cup of water
  1. Plug in your instant pot.
  2. Place desired amount of eggs into your instant pot bowl.
  3. Press MANUAL on your instant pot and set the timer to FIVE to SEVEN minutes.
  4. Once the pot beeps, very carefully release the pressure.
  5. Carefully cover your eggs with cold water and ice.
  6. Allow eggs to COOL FOR FIVE TO SIX MINUTES.
  7. Once easy to handle, peel eggs and store until you are ready to destroy. I mean eat them.

I typically do about ten eggs at a time. You can use a steamer basket if you have one. I used to… but. Toddlers. To be fair theyare kind of fun looking. I guess I’ll just never know the joy of placing a Lego man into a steamer and stomping on it.

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