Homeward Bound: A New Homestead Is Within Our Reach

Things have been busy around here lately. There is so much going on I couldn’t begin to summarize. Well, actually let’s give it a try? We’re moving to a farm in Maine! … hopefully. As the title of this blog shows, I’ve had a bit of a passion for homesteading for quite some time. Self sufficiency and living off the land however you can, is something I’ve tried to help others do for some time now. Last year I announced that we bought land in Waldo County, Maine. We had planned to get back to the land, debt free and without the burden of selling our home here in the Pocono’s. I can be anywhere with my boys and call it home, but I really do deeply desire to be in Maine, living a simpler life. After a great deal of thought and consideration, (and considering mobile homes, building, renting, and being outbid on an efficiency home) we have decided to sell our home here. We have found an amazing farm that is wicked close to the acreage we already own, we’ve gone into contracts with realtors both here and in Maine, but the key to making this work? SELLING OUR POCONO HOME.

With a heavy heart, we have decided to price to sell.  Just the decision to sell at all was not a light task because this home is truly our sanctuary. Two out of three of my boys have lived here their entire lives, one was even born in this home. The cost, although is a major hit for us, is still high to average buyers. Locally, we have more foreclosures than most places in the nation, and we have more manufactured homes showing up every day. We’ve essentially remodeled our way into a hole, selling at all around here right now probably is not the best time, but we’ve got no other choice. We’ll wait for the right person as long as we have to. We genuinely have designed this home to be efficient as possible, and our goal was that all of our renovations would outlive us. Hopefully someone out there sees the benefit of that. If for some reason we can not sell this home, we can potentially lose the farm. So hopefully moving definitely summarizes our current situation, the reality of the matter is that we may not be able to sell this home for what we need to move on. We’d genuinely never planned on leaving this home and we invested quality and time into this home based upon that. Although nowhere has been my home quite like this place, we’re ready to get back to the land and become truly more sustainable. We’ve just got to wait and see.

“When all things seem to fail, stand on your inner strength, shovel today’s challenges for your tomorrow’s freedom.” 

“The value of doing something does not lie in the ease or difficulty, the probability or improbability of its achievement, but in the vision, the plan, the determination and the perseverance, the effort and the struggle which go into the project. Life is enriched by aspiration and effort, rather than by acquisition and accumulation.”-

Helen Nearing , The Good Life