Easy Green Smoothies (Smoothie Freezer Bags)


Every January it seems inevitable that we are bombarded with detoxes, diets and resolutions for our brand spanking new and shiny, recently improved lives. While many folks are cutting out the good fatty, carby, sugary and buttery stuff with clean eating menu’s, and getting into their ass kicking workout routines, I’m hesitantly accepting that I really have slacked off the past few months. With a new baby boy due here in Spring, I’m keeping focused on eating well balanced meals… and stocking up as if Armageddon were just around the corner. As any new mother can tell you, it’s really not all that far off. At least it feels that way doesn’t it?


While I’m not busting a move in the gym or cutting carbs, I am doing what any expectant mother with two (Home schooled) kids would do, I’m working out the kinks in my “freezer hoarding” plan. Preparing goodies for the freezer can make anyone’s life easier. Having easy and nourishing shortcuts to avoid Man Meat’s inevitable fried chicken, pizza and boxed mac n cheese suppers? Well, that is totally worth all of that time wasted spent on Pinterest. On the to-do list for Breakfasts and snacks are these smoothie bags. They really are works of art for multiple reasons:

  1. You can prepare enough ingredients for about 30 smoothies in under 10 minutes.
  2. You save money by purchasing things in bulk and freezing ingredients instead of possibly wasting them.
  3. You are getting real, whole, organic, nutritious smoothies in just a few minutes. No need for washing, chopping or fidgety business, that is already done for you!


To prepare your Green Smoothie bags for the freezer you will need Organic: Baby Spinach (and/or Kale), Celery, Green Apples, Banana’s and Green Grapes. I purchase these items at the wholesale club and this prepares 5 smoothie bags. Be sure to wash everything thoroughly in warm water and vinegar. (The vinegar is especially important for waxy store bought apples and cucumbers.)

Green Smoothie Freezer Bags

1 Green Smoothie Bag Contains-

  • 2 Hearty Hand Fulls of Baby Spinach and/or Kale (2 heaping cups, give or take)
  • 1 Hand Full of Chopped Celery (Approximately 1 heaping cup)
  • 1 1/2 to 2 Cored & Diced Green Apples (Or Pears)
  • 1 1/2 to 2 Sliced Bananas
  • 1 Heaping Cup of Green Grapes

Combine ingredients into 1 gallon freezer storage bags and freeze until ready for use. Use 2 apples and bananas for smoothies you might be preparing for kids or other picky eater types. Use 1 1/2 or as little as 1 for those who are more familiar with the joys of Green Juice. Add fresh herbs, cucumbers or anything else that is green that tickles your fancy. Each bag prepares approximately 6 quarts worth of smoothies. 

Green Smoothies

Serves 2 

  • 2 Cups of Your Favorite Juice or Water (Orange, Pineapple or Other Sweet but Citrusy Blends work Best)
  • 2 Hand Fulls (Heaping Cups) of Green Smoothie Freezer Blend
  • Organic Spirulina Powder or Amazing Grass Powder (Optional, To taste)

Place your liquid at the bottom of your blender jar. Toss Green smoothie freezer blend, ice and spirulina powder into the blender. Add ice cubes if you like. Blend until smooth. (Add water to help blending if the blender gets jammed up.) Enjoy the wealth of health!