Cranberry Fool (cranberry whipped cream)

Every year I tune into food network to see their holiday shows. This year was no different and although I really wish they’d note which year is which I can’t get enough. I ended up with about 40 Thanksgiving specials and I can never guess when its from seeing that I’ve seen them all before. Well anyway, one Thanksgiving special I recently saw Bobby Flay did a cranberry fool parfait that kind of stuck in my mind. I think it was actually a leftover show but every time I see cranberry sauce “leftover” recipes I laugh. I mean, Really? People have some left? My family sometimes used to go through 2 or 3 cans when I was a kid. As an adult I make my own and preserve it myself so I have this stuff in my fridge and cabinet for a while. No need to wait for leftovers I can just knock out great cranberry recipes any time.

A fruit fool is a traditional English dessert made with fruit, sugar and whipped cream. Although this version is really just whipped cream and homemade cranberry sauce its absolutely spectacular. Having a mouth full of sweet teeth I’m not sure I’d call this dessert on its own but it sure is great. You can use it as a cranberry whipped cream atop some pumpkin pie, sprinkle it with some gingersnap cookies or even freeze it for a mid day snack maybe? I found this to be a basic recipe that really surprised me. You can make any flavor fool using any type of fruit jam or fresh fruit. I think I might dare to say this would be great in a pie crust and frozen as well.

Cranberry Fool:

Whip cream and sugar until fluffy, not overly stiff. Gently fold cranberry sauce into the mixture. Serve with additional cranberry sauce maybe cookies?

For parfait cups or trifle: 

Fill ramekins, parfait cups or trifle dish with cranberry preserves, plain whipped cream and cookie crumbles. I love gingersnap cookies in particular.