Chia Colada Hydration Smoothies (Labor-Aide/Electrolyte Slushies)


Staying hydrated can be a tricky task for just about anyone, in particular it can be a major concern for athletes, children, pregnant or nursing mothers or anyone who has fallen ill. I’m normally not very good about drinking my eight a day, and although typical medical advice says “drink to your thirst,” if you hate drinking water and you never quite feel thirsty, then you don’t drink very much do you?

Many people reach for energy drinks or hydration aides, there are so many available that are marketed to suit different lifestyles but most of them are filled with chemicals and sugar. This hydration smoothie utilizes a variety of wholesome, nutritious, REAL FOOD ingredients. Once the Chia-Colada-Cubes are prepared these smoothies can be thrown together in a matter of seconds. Just add water (coconut water) and blend until smooth!


Every ingredient in this smoothie is a powerhouse that is ideal for hydrating and nourishing you in some way. Chia seeds can help to prolong hydration but also provide Omega 3’s, Phosphorus, Maganese, Fiber and Protein. Pineapple’s are acidic in nature which makes them a natural anti-bacterial, but also they are packed with natural sugars, vitamins A & C, and a really nutritious enzyme that aids with digestion and inflammation. Pineapples can naturally ease the discomfort of an upset stomach caused by early pregnancy or sickness, and they taste great while they help you!


Coconuts have a variety of health benefits, their nutrient content includes fiber, vitamins E, C and B-1,3,5 and 6 as well as magnesium, phosphorous, iron and calcium. Coconut milk and coconut water have slightly different benefits, coconut milk is made with the meat and liquid of a coconut and it has lots of healthy fats and lauric acid. These qualities are regularly compared to the healthful benefits that are found in breast milk. (Though it is not a substitution for infants!)  Much like a mothers milk, coconut milk can provide the body with antiviral and antibacterial benefits that work to boost your immunity. Coconut water,  the clear liquid found within a coconut, is different from coconut milk. It is wicked hydrating, and absolutely ideal for re-hydration and electrolyte balance. (Note that it is important to get high quality coconut products, not heavily processed milks in a carton, not coconut water “beverages” that have flavorings and sugar added.) Last but not least we have gotten to the sea salt, it may seem weird to add something that is typically thought to dehydrate you, but it actually does quite the opposite if you are using REAL salt. Real sea salt contains up to 84 different vitamins and minerals. Adding a pinch of sea salt to your regular drinking water will help to satisfy your thirst because the mineral content holds more of the water within your body.


Chia Colada Hydration Smoothies 

(Labor-Aide/Electrolyte Slushies)


Combine ingredients into a blender. Blend together until smooth and pour into ice cube trays. Freeze until solid. (I like the Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food and Breast Milk Trays because they have lids and seal out odors.)

Make The Smoothies- Blend together 1 1/2 to 2 cups of Coconut Water with 4-5 chia-colada-cubes and 1-2 teaspoons of magnesium/calcium powder if desired. (I like Natural Vitality – Calm Plus Calcium)