Cashew Pudding

So this past few weeks I have been busy, busy, busy preparing for my fun gum grafting adventure. To make a long story short it was horrible, I may or may not have to do it again, and I can’t have anything that needs to be chewed. Until who knows when, I am eating baby food. Although my husband brought home half of the grocery store’s mushy, chemical, soy and corn packed, processed foods, I am still adamant about eating whole foods. It took me MONTHS to get rid of these things from my house and diet, why start all over now? So what do you eat when you cant have chewable food? 

I actually googled  “grown up baby food.”  The results were rather uninspiring to say the least. Luckily I made gallons of homemade stock and I have enough homemade applesauce to sustain an army. Besides stock and applesauce I’m pretty much relying on puddings to nourish me. A few of my favorites will follow but first I will share with you a new and delicious treat. I came up with this after looking into “paleo porridge.” Various recipes caught my attention, Paleo Parents Cinnamon Apple Creamed Cereal of course rattled through my brain but even hot cereals are too much for my gimpy mouth to handle. So I stuck some cashews, coconut milk and a banana into my mini blender thing. Voila! Naturally sweet, nutritious and soul soothing goodness. 
Cashew Pudding
This is sweetened only with a ripened banana, you can add sugar, syrup or whatever you prefer as you would like to make it sweeter. Cashews and bananas being naturally sweet, I found that it only needed a pinch of vanilla and cinnamon. If you absolutely don’t like banana’s try using extra cashews and coconut milk. 
3/4 cup cashews (see note)
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 banana
Pinch of cinnamon, Smidge of vanilla
In a blender or food processor combine all ingredients. If you have a small “smoothie” blender or bullet type thing, this works best. Blend until smooth. Refrigerate for a few hours until set. If you are planning to make this in advance add a teaspoon or so of lime juice to prevent the banana from oxidizing. 
Note- You can soak and crisp your own cashews, or use minimally processed roasted cashews.