Cabbage, Navy Bean and Carrot Skillet


When working with vegetables sometimes I feel like I need to be overly creative, I often feel like I have to resort to trickery when it comes to sneaking veg into the kids. Fortunately, they have been much less picky when it comes to vegetables and beans because I am so busy that I think they appreciate the effort I put out just to get a wholesome supper on the table. This dish highlights some very humble ingredients, and it is seriously uncomplicated. Hearty, rustic dishes are a favorite of mine though, I didn’t really grow up eating overly complicated food so something as basic as cabbage and beans is quite soothing for me. All of the ingredients in this dish are pretty cheap, easy to find and packed with flavor just as long as you add a little extra love. This is a flavorful and nourishing dish that can be transformed into a stew or one pot meal, it can even be served as a vegetarian side for your holiday meal.


Cabbage, Navy Bean and Carrot Skillet

This recipe is quickly prepared if you have soaked and cooked your beans in advance. I love to keep prepared beans in the freezer so that they are ready in a pinch. They can be thawed in 20 minutes and served in cold salads or quickly warmed in dishes like this. If you do not have prepared beans available you can use a potato that has been diced and very gently boiled until almost tender.

  1. Melt your Fat or Oil in a skillet over medium high heat.
  2. Add sliced onion and cook two to three minutes.
  3. Add cabbage and carrots and cook uncovered until the carrots are almost tender.
  4. Add remaining ingredients and gently stir to combine.
  5. Pop the skillet into a hot oven, or cover and cook on the stove top until everything is thoroughly cooked.

Make It A Meal: Serve this dish warm with braised sausages, herb crusted pork tenderloin, burger steaks with gravy, mustard chicken, or fried eggs. Sprinkle with crisped bacon pieces or Parmesan cheese if available.This wholesome skillet would also make a fabulous meat-free dish for a holiday spread. (If you make sure not to use animal fat or bacon)

Leftovers would make a delicious stew! Just add bone broth (or vegetable stock) and/or tomato paste and simmer with ground beef, diced sausages or maybe even crispy lentils.