Big News! —— (Finally an update)

IMG_20160601_103449There are many things in life we wish we had done, or said, there’s always dreams that seemingly have been left to go stale. Remember whens, what ifs… This site seems as if it’s just been left to go, but I have had every intention of catching back up because as a homeschooling mother it’s really hard to feel like I have a voice. In a life filled with bread making, kid schooling and butt wiping, there’s always a longing to feel valid and even if no one hears me, this is my place to express myself to the world. I’ll post soon, maybe tomorrow, or next week, well that didn’t happen. To be honest my little Lochlann is a bit of a fire starter. I’ve never understood that “if he were my first, he’d be my last” statement but boy this little monster keeps me going! I always like to think that spirited children grow into the very best kinds of adults, free thinkers and whatnot, but it would definitely be quite wonderful if they could catch the spirit a little later.


Posting. It’ll happen soon. Well, soon seems to keep getting away from me and the logistics of balancing my chaos has just made everything seem impossible at times let alone sitting behind a computer screen contemplating the best words to articulate my thoughts, and frankly, …. I have three sons. Thoughts are hard. We eat a lot of the same foods time and time again for various reasons, convenience, and currently budget restrictions. Life these past few years has gotten busy, and as a person I have grown into practically a new being entirely and I’m not sure how to move on from what once was, to where I am now. I’ll lose my readers, I’ll ostracize these people or those people… Well, hey if your still around after all these periods of absence, then I bet you’ll stick around to see what’s coming next. (Thank you! Your support is truly appreciated.)


So in short, I’ve freed myself of about 80 pounds (20 of that was pregnancy pudge) and I have really taken a liking to fitness. I love to run, and I love the way I feel when I do good for my body and soul. Running is especially something that’s a little crazy for me to admit I love but its my therapy, it’s my “me time” which as a homeschooling Mama is hard to come by. I feel amazing and proud, and for the first time in my entire life I am conditioned and truly athletic. I didn’t get surgery, or take pills, or buy wraps, shakes, or calorie-free-franken-food, I stuck with a pretty boring whole foods diet, I stayed fairly primal and grain free. I ate a low carb, sugar free diet, and I worked out, a lot. At times I work out for over an hour a day, but now that I’m nearing the end of the “losing” journey, I’m finding a balance that keeps me strong but lets me feel a little bit more normal.

IMG_20160601_104509Although these past years have been chaotic, I wouldn’t change a thing because I have changed, and my family has grown in so many ways. Losing weight and being wicked busy isn’t really my big announcement though. We are finally at a point where we are consciously no longer ok with being purchasers instead of providers. We are putting down our roots, and starting to preserve our legacy in a pretty big way. I want for my boys to have something we’ve built that they can truly be proud of and pass along to the next generation, and being in a neighborhood just doesn’t match up with my dreams of sharing a meaningful lifestyle with my sons. In January we purchased 50 acres of land in Waldo County, Maine. For as long as we have lived here, I’ve had a desire to be more in touch with the land and there’s been a throb to really settle into a more sustainable and private way of life. Although I do adore our cute little cottage in the woods, it just doesn’t fit us any longer, and it hasn’t for a very long time. The financial burden of trying to start over has just overwhelmed us for so long, that we’ve never taken the leap of faith. We hit our breaking point though, and we’ve decided to build anew in a place that I’ve had a longing for, for sometime. I lived all over New England as a kid, and there’s just something about Maine that has always kept me feeling like I needed to be there. So that’s it. We’re starting our journey back to the land, we are working to be more truly self-sustaining. The tricky part is, we are doing this without loans or debt. So budget, work and preparation has a huge role to play in how fast we can actually make the move. We have a lot to learn and we look forward to the new friends and journeys that lie ahead of us.


I genuinely hope to get this show back on track and start posting again, but I’m still a work in progress and I’m not quite sure what to even say at times. I’m really backed up on fixing the site so things will be slowly coming back to life as I find time to work on it. For current updates be sure to check out my Instagram accounts. I’ve created one just for our journey to the homestead @LegacyAcres, and of course you can find my mostly clean-eats and fitness updates on my @NeoHomesteading account. Please feel free to shout out any questions or comments on there or via email. ( I have tried to access my website via cell phone but I just can’t make it work. So again thanks for following, and wish us luck!