The Best of The Pocono’s: Annie’s Acres Farm


Earlier this week my boys and I had the pleasure of venturing onto Annie’s Acres. Annie’s Acres is a small sustainable, organic farm tucked away in Saylorsburg, PA. Although it is a bit of a haul for us it is very well worth the travel. The ladies Annie (of course) and her lovely daughter Jan took a few hours of their valuable “off time” to show us around their wonderful family farm.


The modest sized farm has a wonderful concentration of hearty lettuces, berries, herbs, carrots and produce galore but the face of the farm seems to not be Annie and her wonderful family but their uber friendly critters! Although the goats are not currently being milked and bred for cheese, milk or meat, they are a huge attraction especially for little kids. Vivienne is a particularly friendly goat who just wanted to get all of the attention … and my camera.



The other stars of the show are Annie’s chickens, ducks and geese. I think the farm is probably best known for their iconic pink egg cartons with the jewel like eggs inside. Duck and goose eggs are a fabulous treat but the regular eggs are about as special as they come. The farm has thirteen breeds of  chickens including a slightly scary looking fella that is called a turken or “Transylvanian  Naked Neck.” (the red eyes are particularly awesome) With a wide variety of chickens this means that when you purchase Annie’s eggs you get a kaleidoscope of colors and sizes. All chickens are pastured, happy chickens that get to enjoy sunflower seeds and organic scraps from the very farm they roam every day. I first purchased Annie’s eggs a year or so ago and it was her eggs that first turned me onto “real eggs.” Now I am so used to the heavy, rich, flavorful yolks in farm fresh eggs that I can’t go back to conventional grocery store eggs.


The variety of crops grown on the farm are seemingly endless from apples to zucchini and everything in between. We tasted fresh from the ground carrots, aromatic herbs and heirloom lettuce varieties. As much as possible is grown from heirloom seeds on Annie’s farm, and they strive to save their own seeds each season. Everything is grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Organic compost is used and crops are cycled each season to improve soil quality. The produce is seriously comparable to nothing I’ve ever had, it’s well worth the drive because everything is super fresh, and high quality. They are very accommodating and take special requests and orders when they can. If you are even wanting to work for your food, customers are encouraged to be farmers for a day! The family really welcomes visitors to ask questions and learn about not only their farm but quality food in general. They not only provide customers with healthy meals but they also generously give to various charities and organizations to help those in need. The family really does feel genuinely welcoming and kind, although Annie’s was only started just six years ago, it feels like it has been there forever. The warmth and passion they project is unlike anything I’ve seen before, I can’t wait until I get to visit again!



 Don’t take my word for it, visit Annie’s Acres and see for yourself! 

Find them Online: Visit their Website & Facebook

If you can’t venture out to see Annie and her family, their eggs and a small selection of greens are sold at

Earthlight Natural Foods in Stroudsburg.