About Me


My name is Cat. Some call me Catherine but those I love call me cat (or the ones I really love, Mama!) I’m a thirty something year old stay at home, home-schooling mother. I have three rowdy sons and I’m fortunate enough to have the most supportive husband. Stephen (aka Man-Meat) is truly my guinea pig and a loyal, (brutally honest) taste tester. We live in a modest cottage in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. Living here allows us the  opportunity to share nature with the boys in a peaceful somewhat rural setting. In my “free time,” I love to run and learn as much as I can about fitness and traditional nutrition.

I strive to un-process our home and sustain my family by making as much of our food myself. In short, the foundation of our diet is based upon WAPF Guidelines. I always try to keep the core of our diet, whole foods focused, primal and nutrient dense, but we do eat beans and grains also! I love to cook and make home goods of my own including but not limited to canning and preserving: Relishes, jams, chutneys, home brewing: meads (honey wine), wines and beer. I particularly enjoy experimenting with baking, fermenting and cooking traditional recipes using ancient techniques like fermenting or baking with sourdough. On an average year I process and preserve 200+ pounds of local, organic produce from sustainable CSA’s and family run Pennsylvania farms.

My journey to food is a lifetime in the making, I’ve always loved food. With each day I learn more and further develop my own dietary principles. I enjoy traditional, un-processed, whole foods recipes, at Neo-Homesteading.com I try to maintain attainability and a realistic grasp on what most folks have to work with. My goal is to share  with my readers the opportunity to eat real, sometimes raw, but always homemade foods, eliminating processed goods as much as possible. I want to set myself apart from many “real food bloggers” by trying to avoid demonizing foods, I hope to highlight what’s better and emphasize wholesome recipes while avoiding preaching.

My goal is not to be your nutrition bible, but rather a tour guide that helps you to be inspired to live a healthier  more wholesome lifestyle. With that said I do love sharing my opinions and answering as many questions as I can.

For all personal or professional questions and comments (publication and press inquiries) please feel free to contact me! I would love to hear from you!25291_586758948429_22802076_33975794_6262976_n

Cat @ Neohomesteading.com